About Us

There is a certain standard of service that is expected of a professional auto body repair shop. These standards include, but are not limited to fast Service, Certified Techs, State of the art equipment, Friendly staff and affordability. We pride ourselves in providing the most reliable and satisfactory auto body repair services in our region.

Our staff members have an unyielding commitment to service delivery that can only be described as outstanding. We have very high customer service standards that can be felt throughout the organization. We are not only focused on playing our part in the auto body repair industry, we are determined to be the industry leaders. We do this by implementing the most cutting edge technology when it comes to auto body repair. Our state – of – the – art auto repair centers are run by friendly staff who offer the best service through certified techs who do not rest until your vehicle is in pristine condition.

Cutting Edge Technology

Your car is one of the most important components of your life. It is therefore conceivable that you would only want it to be in the best condition possible. This means taking it for repairs by the best technicians around. Technicians who use only the most cutting edge technology. This is exactly what we do; we use the highest form of technology to repair your vehicle.

We carry out the full range of auto body repairs using the latest vehicle manufacturer technology. We comply with the latest professional directives put forward by the world’s leading car makers. This not only ensures that you have the best possible service standard but it also ensures consistency. From simple dent removal procedures to full body restoration work, we use only the most high tech equipment and personnel. Every process is computerized to ensure the highest possible quality control.

Certified Techs

Technology today is ever changing. From computer systems to adaptive cruise control, metals, materials, traction control and so on, everything is newer, different and constantly changing. Therefore, to use old technologies and methods in auto body repairs is slowly but surely becoming ineffective. That is why we take pride in hiring only the most highly certified technicians to work on your car. Besides that, we also ensure that our technicians are continuously trained in the latest methods and technologies in auto body repair.

This comprehensive training equips our technicians with the skill and technical know-how to work on even the most advanced and modern forms of vehicles that our customers bring in. This deep technical understanding of the automobile industry and engineering is what sets us apart. You can rest assured that your vehicle is in the right hands. The standard and quality of the service delivered leaves customers very satisfied.

Fast Service

We know that your car being out of commission is one of the most stressful experiences one can have, especially in these fast-paced times when you need to be as mobile as possible. That is why we take it upon ourselves to provide the fasted service possible. We do our best to ensure that you only operate without your vehicle for the shortest time possible. These services are not only fast, but they are effective, of the highest quality and absolutely in line with the latest standards.

We also go above and beyond the call of duty. We ensure that once your vehicle leaves our doors, it is as good as new. Additionally, we have diagnostic capabilities that will ensure that the client is well aware of everything that has to do with his/her vehicles operational capability. This not only gives you the valuable foresight as to what repairs may be necessary soon, but it also goes to give you peace of mind. You know that we are not all about body repair, but about the vehicle as a whole.

We have been delivering the most reliable auto body repair service within the shortest possible time and with the most technologically precise procedure available today. This is why our customers choose our service. We are not only very friendly and focused on great customer service, we are also all about the car. You can rest assured that when you bring in your vehicle, you will be bringing it in to the best possible auto body repair shop near you.